Demo 2019

by Bad Affair

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Tapes coming soon via NO SPIRIT! Limited to 100 copies.
Cover artwork by Ivana Bugarinovic.


released March 24, 2019


all rights reserved



Bad Affair Hamburg, Germany

Garage-Punk/early Hardcore 4-piece from Hamburg, GER.


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Track Name: Bad Affair
when i first met you
it was all heat and flash
those days were so intense
and i thought it was love

why does it still hurt me?

later i could see
what was all obvious
you were just fucked up
and i was too naive

why does it still hurt me?

it´s said that time heals
i guess that´s somehow true
so here´s my goodbye
along with a fuck you!

why does it still hurt me?

it will stop hurting me!
Track Name: Dear Mansplainers
i don´t wanna talk to you
you don´t have a fucking clue
no one asked for your opinion
and i don´t wanna talk to you

i´m so tired of this
so just stop mansplaining
won´t you shut up, let me be
i can not stand this anymore
i´m so tired of this

so do you really think
that i was waiting for you
to come by and without asked to
explain me anything?!

it is time for you to see
that your opinion doesn´t matter to me
shut up and let it be
because i do not need you teaching me

shut up!
Track Name: No Delight
listen up what i gotta say
my body is not here for you
i never invited your gaze
i am more than what you think you see
i am more than just a piece of meat
"hey baby" will never be my name

i don´t owe you anything
i´m not here for your delight
i don´t owe you anything
and i don´t need to be polite

just refrain your shitty pick-up lines
never touch me without my consent
my body will always mean my rules

you will never be entitled
to my time or attention
back off now
get lost yeah
i don´t owe you anything!
Track Name: Dark Prospects
this is a nightmare
it´s only getting worse
trapped in my own mind
with no chance to escape

avolition is everything i know
aimless thoughts are racing
can´t call them to a halt

i´m always tired
but i never fall asleep
instead i´m drowning
in all my broken dreams

i don´t feel joy and
i don´t feel any pain
my life´s all senseless
and i am left in void

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